Now that the Phantom 4 have been released, I thought it would be good to list the issues most commonly reported by users and what we know is happening with them o what the fix is.

NOTE: Although there might be some common issues that *some people are reporting its by no means a reason NOT to buy an Phantom 4. There will always be issues and they will be resolved along the way. Keep looking back over this page for updates to any issue.

Known Common Problems With the Phantom 4 – Updated 09-08-2016

The issue are listed in no particular order. This will be updated as and when news arrived of fixes/new problems. NEWEST REPORTED ISSUES ARE LISTED FIRST.


High Voltage issue charging from ~10% battery. RESOLVED.
Some users have reported that if you try and charge a battery thats below 10% using the stock DJI charger you get a “High Voltage” error where the first LED will flash three times quickly, pause, then repeat.
This issue has been reported to DJI and will likely be resolved in the next firmware. Best tip for now is to avoid flying below 10%.

Video looks washed out and murky after firmware upgrade. RESOLVED WITH FIRMWARE 1.1.411
Some users have reported that the video off of the SD card looks murky and washed out after the upgrade. Easy fix for this is to reset the camera settings in the Go App. You need to be connected to the Phantom in order to do this.

If this fails to work and the issue returns when powering off/on again give changing color profile from whatever you are on currently to something else and then back again. So for example, if you are on D-LOG, change it to Vivid then back to D-LOG.

If none of these work and the live view is still blurry, hold tight and a firmware fix is on the way to specifically resolve this issue.

DJI GO App 2.8.2 for IOS video downlink issue. RESOLVED!
Since DJI released Go App 2.8.2 for IOS people have been saying that the video downlink breaks up at very very short distances. At the moment the only way to resolve it if you are experiencing the problem is downgrade the App to version 2.8.1.

The release of DJI GO App 2.8.3 resolves this issue.

Height drop when releasing forward/backwards stick. RESOLVED with latest firmware 1.2.503
More and more reports are coming through of the height drop issue that the Phantom 4 experiences when releasing the stick to stop forward/backwards flight. I think this is to do with very sensitive downward sensors on the Phantom 4 ( the sensitivity is greatly increased over the Phantom 3 ). lets wait and see what DJI do for this issue in the coming weeks.
Video of the issue –

UPDATE: Even with the 1.1.410 and 1.1.411 firmware, people are still reporting a height drop under the same circumstances. many people report that it IS better though.

UPDATE 2 (20-06-16): Since firmware 1.1.411, some users still reported issues with altitude dropping.. If you are experiencing this after the 1.1.411 update, give resetting the craft via the DJI ASSISTANT 2 software. This has been shows to resolve the issue for most.

Update via GO App is a pain in the ass. RESOLVED!
Many people have experienced issues updating via the GO App where the firmware download constantly pauses and sometimes the update is not even detected. I believe this is an APP issue and hopefully DJI will resolve it for the next version/firmware update. Advise is to KEEP TRYING it will work in the end. Also, make sure the RC is ON when doing the aircraft update. You can also try the Assistant 2 method.

Since DJI updated the GO App to 2.8.1, the updating for new users has been relatively smooth..

No Signal issue after updating to firmware version 1.1.301.
Some users have reported an issue where after updating to firmware version 1.1.301, they experience a no signal issue in the GO App.

WORKAROUND: To resolve this issue quickly, just delete your GO App and reinstall it ( remember to sync your flight logs first to avoid losing any ).

Since the latest GO App ( 2.8.1 upwards ) this issue seems resolved.

Range Issue, downlink issue. No Longer An Issue!

It’s been reported by many users that the range is not as good on the P4 as it was on the Phantom 3. This is not entirely true. SOME users do genuinely seem to have range issues and this could be aircraft, controller or some other issue. These users are a small minority.
The other issue reported is the video downlink cuts out sooner. The issue does seem to happen but if you continue to fly it comes back and still works to a distance well over 5km. The issue seems to be the time its taking for the Phantom/RC to find a clean channel and switch over to that. The break in signal is small. DJI are actively looking into this.

UPDATE: Many many many people have had very very good range from the Phantom 4, enough so that I believe the range issue in most cases will be location based. I am marking this issue as “No longer an issue”. I will keep an eye out for more references to it.